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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 25, 2014 7:00am-7:11am JST

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and speak" website for and speak" website for additional content. -- captions by vitac -- hello and thanks for joining us on nhk world. this is "newsline." a series of car bombs on saturday killed 22 people and injured 135 others in northern iraq. cars were detonated in three locations in the city of kirkuk. it's home to one of the country's major oil fields and is under the control of kurdish forces. another blast destroyed a parked car and injured four people in erbil. that city had been considered comparatively secure with kurdish forces on heightened alert. many foreign companies have opened offices in erbil because
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of its rich oil resources. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the blast, but iraqi police suspect the attacks were carried out by the militant group that calls itself the islamic state. the fighting between the kurds and the militants is intensifying. the united states is backing the iraqi and kurdish forces with air raids against militants' positions. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has promised his government will counter what he says is a threat from russia. poroshenko viewed a military parade in kiev on sunday to mark the 23rd anniversary of the country's independence from the disbanded soviet union. more than 2,000 military personnel were on parade. some of them were given time off from the military operations to subdue pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. poroshenko said ukraine needs to constantly be prepared to defend its independence. he revealed the government will
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spend about $3 billion over a two-year period from 2015 to modernize the military. meanwhile, pro-moscow rebels countered by marking the festivities in kiev. they forced 100 captured ukrainian government troops to march down a main street of the eastern rebel-controlled city of donetsk. also on display were the remains of a ukrainian armored vehicle destroyed by pro-moscow rebels. the forced independence day march in donetsk was apparently designed by the separatist rebels to demonstrate the depth of their power in the breakaway region. hundreds of protesters held a rally in the u.s. state of missouri on saturday, two weeks after an unarmed black teenager was shot dead by a white police officer. supporters of the officer held a separate demonstration on the same day. >> the people power will vote. >> around 1,000 people took part in the demonstration in ferguson. it was organized by a group of
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black activists. the killing of 18-year-old michael brown on august 9th sparked violent protests by residents who are angry with the way the police handled the incident. the participants called for an end to racial discrimination. >> i'm here and i just wanted to come out and show the community my support and that we do care and that we are out here for peaceful change. >> on the same day, supporters of the police officer who shot brown held a rally in another part of the city. they believe he acted appropriately. >> we cannot assume that he's guilty, and that's how he was portrayed in the press immediately after the killing, horrific killing, but we're here to make sure that he gets justice under the american law system. >> these protesters claim the shooting death of the teenager is not a racial issue. clear north korea's reacting sharply to an ongoing joint
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military exercise south korea and the united states are holding. the drill began last monday in south korea. it is based on a theoretical attack by north korea. about 30,000 u.s. forces and 50,000 south korean forces are participating. south korean communities and companies are also taking part to prepare for emergency scenarios. north korean state-run media have repeatedly denounced the south and the u.s. it said the general staff of the korean people's army is preparing for a pre-emptive strike. the korean workers party up in rodong shinmun said on saturday that the north has begun preparations to turn military headquarters in the south into a sea of fire. it also warned that as long as the u.s. military remains in the south, there will be no peace and stability on the korean peninsula. military officials from both the u.s. and south korea are increasing security measures against the north, including possible ballistic missile and rocket launches. japan's ground self-defense
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force has shown the public its annual live fire drills at the foot of mt. fuji. the gsdf held the exercise on sunday at the fuji training camp in shizuoka training camp in shizuoka prefecture, central japan. the drills were based on the scenario that a remote japanese island was under attack. about 80 vehicles and 20 aircraft took part. gsdf personnel used state of the art type ten battle tanks to hold shooting exercises. they landed from helicopters during the mock operations. they also reviewed their tactics for taking back remote islands. the japanese government is stepping up the country's defense system in remote areas. the government will procure 52 amphibious vehicles and 17 osprey transport aircraft in its five-year midterm defense build-up plan. the first major landing drills for a remote island were held in
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may. the search for the missing people in hiroshima is being hampered by rain. heavy downpours caused the widespread mudslides in the city last wednesday. police have confirmed 50 deaths. 38 people are missing. police officers, firefighters, and self-defense force personnel are taking part in the rescue operation. they're using shovels, pick axes, and sniffer dogs to search for the missing in the hardest hit district. but they were repeatedly forced to stop their operations due to the threat of secondary disasters. over 1,300 rescue workers have continued their search overnight. about 450 households are still without electricity. many are without water. more than 1,600 people remain in temporary shelters. researchers say the massive mudslides in hiroshima may have reached a speed of 40 kilometers per hour in some locations.
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heavy rain over such a short period may have contributed to the mud's rapid speed. experts from the japan society of erosion control engineering checked one of the affected sites on sunday. they investigated the upper side of the mountain where the slope first collapsed. they said they found a number of holes that may have been formed by a massive amount of water that sprung out of the ground. experts also say the steep angle of the slope was about 20 to 40 degrees. they found traces on the slope that indicate the height of the mud reached as high as three meters in some places. the experts estimate that about 3,000 square meters of mud flowed from the slopes into residential areas below. torrential rain has also hit japan's northernmost prefecture. the heaviest downpour in half a century caused a landslide that killed two people on a small island off hokkaido.
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this footage was taken on rebun island shortly after midday on sunday. the video shows muddy water running like a river around buildings. 180 millimeters of rain fell in a 24-hour period on rebun island. an 81-year-old woman and her 55-year-old daughter died after a mountain slope gave way and buried their house. the site is about ten kilometers from the center of a town and is east of the ground self-defense force's rebun camp. local officials say more than 15 other landslides have occurred there. now let's check out the world weather.
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and that's going to do it for "newsline" at this hour. i'm hiro morita in tokyo. thanks for watching nhk world.
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